Bulk Material Price List


Play Chips / Beauty Bark

Price per Yard / Delivery Fee*

Play Chips  $58/yd + $65 delivery fee

Med Fine Bark  $33/yd + $65 delivery fee

Fine Dark Bark $32/yd + $65 delivery fee

Extra Fine Bark  $36/yd + $65 delivery fee

Soil, Mulch & Compost

Price per Yard / Delivery Fee*

Three Way Soil  $26/yd + $65 delivery fee

Planting Mix  $30/yd + $65 delivery fee

Raised Bed Mix  $33/yd + $65 delivery fee

Fertil-Mulch®  $32/yd + $65 delivery fee

Cedar Grove Compost (organic)  $33/yd + $65 delivery fee


Price per Yard / Delivery Fee*

Crushed Rock, Gravel & Sand  $46/yd + $65 delivery fee 

*Tax not included


Where does Viking Topsoil get its product?

-All product is exclusively purchased from Sky Nursery in Shoreline.

What is the minimum delivery order? 

One yard delivery is the minimum order. 

How much product will I need? 

There are several online calculator tools that can help you determine your material needs. 

Why can't I email you questions or my order? 

We prefer to speak to our customers over the phone so that we assure that your order is placed correctly. 

Can I text you? 

Yes, you can text me, but we still need to talk over the phone to confirm orders. 

Do you deliver to my neighborhood? 

Please visit our "Delivery Area" page or call me direct at 206.920.3991 for details. 

Other questions?

Please call us direct at 206.920.3991.